About the Component

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The Air Canada Component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), represents more than 6,500 flight attendants at Air Canada. Our members are based in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

Air Canada’s Flight Attendants are highly trained professionals who play a key role in ensuring the safety and comfort of over 90,000 passengers who travel each day in Canada and around the world. Flight Attendants are the front-line for safety and security in the air. Our members are crucial to the business infrastructure of Canada.

Entry to the membership section will require you log in with your employee number and password.
Security of Canada’s aircraft and safety of the flying public is a top-of-mind issue for our members. We have a constant, vigilant focus on the safety and security of our passengers; a challenge we are well equipped to handle.

Our union focuses on the unique needs of our members who are advocating and protecting the security of our passengers.

We want our members to have the highest possible wage standards, job security, and conditions of employment. The Air Canada Component of CUPE administers and enforces the collective agreement; we ensure that our members are consistently and thoroughly trained and updated, not only to protect their own safety and security, but also that of our passengers. The union leadership is dedicated to providing our membership with an effective and united voice so that our employer, our governments, and our passengers can confidently acknowledge our members as safety professionals.

Our objective is to advance the social, economic, and overall working conditions of the membership while ensuring members' rights to full participation in the union with zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind.